• Travis Gillin

Water Table or Downdraft?

A question I get quite a bit is "Water Table or Downdraft?" For me, there is only one correct answer but some people disagree. As far as i'm concerned the water table is the only way to go.... Downdrafts are usually noisy, more expensive to implement, and higher maintenance. It's said that even the most efficient down draft setups only actually capture about 78% of the smoke and dust, which ends up being inhaled and likely results in long term health issues...

Let's talk about all the great things that Water Tables have to offer!

- Captures ~98% of smoke and dust while cutting

- Cools the part during the cut. Most thin or small parts are cool enough to handle by hand after the cut is finished.

- Less Dross. During the cut the molten metal that gets blown away from the cut is shocked with cold water which reduces the likely-hood of it re-welding itself to the back of the part. Dross that is left usually chips off easily!

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