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Fusion 360, The good and the bad

Fusion 360 is an Autodesk Cloud-Based CAD and CAM product that is popular on a massive scale all around the world. I use it heavily on a daily basis. I use it for Engineering complicated assemblies and Machining with 2D and 3D toolpaths. I wan't to talk about my opinions on it, things I really like about it and things that make me smash my keyboard because of it.

Things I like

  • HSMWorks CAM (The most prominent reason why I remain a customer)

  • The Interface, its nice and intuitive. Easy and Quick to navigate.

  • The Component Structure

  • Parametric Linking

Things I don't like

  • Cloud-Based (If your internet connection is slow, forget about it. Just forget it...)

  • Overly-Frequent Updates (Instead of fixing bugs, we'll spend our time introducing new ones!)

  • Horrible DXF support (It's your format Autodesk!!! You can't even get it right!! It exports it just fine, but forget about importing DXF's that have Splines or Polylines)

  • Can't handle Sketches with a bunch of Entities (Gets horribly slow!)

  • The random crashes and general lack of stability (On average, The software crashes twice a day. It's not "My computer"! It does it on all three machines I run it on!)

  • SaaS (Software as a Service, I feel like i'm making a monthly payments to cause myself irritation! Still beats spending thousands of $$ on other software once a year to get "Up to date")

  • Sketch Project (A must have tool. Trouble is it projects both sides of the solid! Results in lines on top of lines in the sketch! Doesn't mean much in its own context to create solid geometry, but has a large impact when exporting DXF's to programs like Sheetcam for plasma cutting... You have to delete all the double-lines by hand!)

The good news is, there's still a chance for them to fix the cons. Until then, I'll probably just keep keyboards in stock for when the smashing begins...

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